Recommended Reading for New Students

If you’re interested in the Alexander Technique and would like to read more about it…

The Use of the Self, by F. M. Alexander: A short book by Alexander himself, in which he explains the Technique and the process he went through to discover his method. Alexander’s writing is thought-provoking and his explanations are thorough, but his writing style is fairly dense and generally requires a few re-reads.

Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique, by Michael Gelb: A good balance between a history of the Technique and the author’s experiences with its application to his own life, including learning archery, juggling, and running.

How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live, by Missy Vineyard: A book that is equally valuable for beginning students and experienced teachers; the ideas behind the Technique are explained through case studies of various students and the progress of their lessons.

Body, Breath, and Being: A New Guide to the Alexander Technique, by Carolyn Nicholls

What Every Musician Needs To Know About The Body and How To Learn The Alexander Technique: A Manual For Students, by Barbara Conable