Alexander Technique? What’s that?

Possibly the most difficult question that I’ve ever had to answer: So, what is this Alexander thing anyway?


The photographs in this post were taken at the 2018 AmSAT ACGM which was held in Chicago in late July. One of the workshops was designed to bring our community together and brainstorm answers to that very difficult question posted above – we came up with a long list of words, and then divided into groups to put those words together in any way that could possibly make any kind of sense.


And…ALL of these are correct! I look at these pages and think, yes! that’s it! and so is that! how wonderful that I get to make (part of) a living teaching people this amazing stuff! who WOULDN’T want to do this??????


Even that potentially highly problematic “Magic Pain Reduction” at the bottom of this page – of course it’s not magic! But…if magic is “the art of changing consciousness at will” (a quote attributed to Dion Fortune)…and we are pursuing “constructive conscious control of the individual” (the title of one of F.M. Alexander’s books)…then maybe…?


So if you, dear reader, meet an Alexander Technique teacher and want to know all about this thing that we do:

It’s learning to change, not being fixed.

It’s expansion and freedom, not bracing and holding.

It’s being open to possibilities, not being right or wrong.

It’s remembering that there are options, not achieving perfect posture.

It’s awareness of you and everything around you, not micromanaging every part of your day.

…and as always, I’d love to have you join us!